New to our rental fleet: Genie S-65 TraX

New to our rental fleet: Genie S-65 TraX
New to our rental fleet: Genie S-65 TraX

The S-65 TraX tracked access platform, which recently arrived at Marchandise S.A., is now available for hire.

The Génie S-65 TraX aerial work platform is an aerial work platform designed by Génie. It is specifically designed to offer maximum stability and mobility on different types of terrain.

The main feature of the Génie S-65 TraX is its integrated track system. Instead of conventional wheels, it is equipped with hard-wearing rubber tracks. This enables it to move easily over difficult surfaces such as uneven terrain, slopes (45%) or loose soil. The tracks provide superior traction, ensuring that the aerial platform remains stable and safe when on the move.

The work platform of the Génie S-65 TraX is spacious and can accommodate several people and their equipment (454 kg). It has a lifting height of 21.8 metres and a maximum horizontal reach of 16.51 metres, making it suitable for a wide variety of tasks, whether in maintenance, construction or industrial work.

The aerial platform is equipped with a telescopic arm and a pendulum arm to reach hard-to-reach areas. The arm pivots through 360 degrees, offering great flexibility during operations.

The Génie S-65 TraX also features an intuitive control system, allowing the operator to easily control the platform's movements from the work platform. An anti-crush system and an emergency stop are also integrated to ensure user safety.

In short, its stability, crossing capacity and long reach make the Génie S-65 TraX an ideal choice for professionals. 

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